Rainbow Teaching

Rainbow teachingThis has been a topic for some time now, with a lot of people complaining that children are not been taught how NOT to be homophobic.

The Rainbow Teaching website hopes to provide teachers with everything they need to challenge any sort of bullying or language that children might not understand.

Taylor Swift comes out as a feminist

taylor-swift-woman-of-the-year-617-409On the eve of a new album and new single Shake It Off just charting in the UK, Taylor Swift has finally got her head around the idea of being a feminist. While she's been spotted in the feminist reading section of trendy book shops in Manhattan, it could also be that the pop star has been publicly being BFFs with Lena Dunham and other strong females who know their own mind.

"As a teenager, I didn’t understand that saying you’re a feminist is just saying that you hope women and men will have equal rights and equal opportunities." She recently told The Guardian:

Spectator writer's homophobic review of Dusty biography

Dusty Springfield biogThe Spectator and it's columnist, Roger Lewis have been widely condemned for publishing a review online of a Dusty: An Intimate Portrait of a Musical Legend, by Karen Bartlett. The columnist started with the sentence "Call me a crazy old physiognomist, but my theory is that you can always spot a lesbian by her big thrusting chin"

Sperm Bank 'For Lesbians'

Daily Mail for lesbiansWho hasn't seen the headline from the Mail on Sunday? If you've missed the story it's sitting on the web here, ready for all to read and forward to your friends. Have a laugh at how ridiculous the paper is. We have a long way until April Fool's Day so we Brits do what we also do very well in taking the proverbial piss.

Twitter has run amock with #addforlesbianstoaheadline hashtag trending and #dailyfail added on for further ridicule of the national paper which said critics "called it a ‘dangerous social experiment’ that could result in hundreds of fatherless ‘designer families’."

Emmys controversy of Sofia Vergara

sofia-vergara-singing-giThe internet has gone wild about the Emmys for lots of reasons: One being Modern Family star Sofia Vergara standing on a spinning platform as Television Arts and Sciences President Bruce Rosenblum made a speech while she became a feature and "something to look at".

US Navy christens ship after first female astronaut Sally Ride

sally-rideThe US Navy has christened a ship after the first American woman in space Sally Ride. In a ceremony in Washington on Saturday, her partner, Tam O’Shaughnessy said before breaking the traditional bottle of Champagne

Ruth Hunt is the new chief executive of Stonewall

Ruth Hunt StonewallStonewall have announced that Ruth Hunt is to be the new Chief Executive of the lesbian, gay and bisexual charity. Hunt had been acting CEO since February when Ben Summerskill stepped down at the end of January this year.

Vicky Beeching's winning arguement

Vicky BeechingVicky Beeching, the Christian singer, songwriter, recently came out. Despite her religious beliefs contradicting the way she felt about her sexuality she decided that God and the Bible doesn't say what people think it says, and bravely opened up about her sexuality.

Ugandans celebrate gay pride

Uganda Pride by Rebecca VassieScores of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Ugandans turned out on Saturday (9th August) to march in the first parade since an anti-homosexuality law was overturned by the courts. The parade is their first public event since a Ugandan court invalidated an anti-gay law that was widely condemned from governmants and groups around the World.

Feminist writer subjected to “a stream of vile sexist and anti-Semitic abuse”

laurie bio-500x500Feminist author Laurie Penny has recently released her new book Unspeakable Things which some have hailed, including Ivrine Welsh, as essential reading “for anybody who truly believes in equality and freedom"

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