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kiki archerThe UK-based, best-selling, award-winning, lesbian fiction author, Kiki Archer became known to lovers of good fiction with the publication of her debut novel, But She Is My Student – which went on to win the UK's 2012 SoSoGay Best Book Award. Several further works have followed. Her fourth novel, One Foot Onto The Ice, broke into the American contemporary fiction top 100, while its sequel, When You Know, recently went straight to number one on the lesbian fiction charts of Amazon UK, Amazon America, and Amazon Australia, as well as number one on the iTunes, Smashwords, and Lulu, Gay and Lesbian chart. g3 caught up with her…

You've just released your fifth novel, When You Know, which quickly hit the number one spot on lesbian fiction charts. Jenna and Susan are obviously a popular couple. Can we expect to hear from them again in the future?

Kiki: I’m sure we will. I like writing about Jenna and Susan as they’re realistic. Jenna often gets it wrong, and Susan’s always a slight mess, but they’re loveable, and I think most readers can identify with one, or both of them. Plus, without giving too much away, readers who have finished the book will know there’s a huge surprise at the end, which means a follow-on is almost inevitable!
Your books are always so funny. Where do you draw your inspiration from for scenes such as 'Quaver-gate’, and the shaving scene in One Foot Onto The Ice?
Real life! Quaver-gate actually happened in the car with my five-year-old daughter, and it was just as messy as it was with Susan. The shaving scene came into mind as I was lying on my back having laser hair removal, cringing at the embarrassment of the situation. I think I just wondered how I could include a moment of such horrific exposure in my book.
Would you ever consider turning one of your books into a film and if so which one?
Ooo, yes. I’m actually on a screenwriters course at the end of May, so watch this space! The plan is to start at the beginning with But She Is My Student.
Should it be made in to a big, Hollywood blockbuster, who would be your leading ladies and would you want a role?
Yes, I want to be Carole the cleaner… someone just hovering around in the background. OK, they are far too old to play a 21-year-old teacher and an 18-year-old student, but I see Kat as Charlize Theron, and Freya as Mila Kunis.
You recently did a fantastic vlog about lesbian dating. Can you tell us about your worst date experience?
The ones with men were all horrific! But there was one girl who had a nut allergy. We were going out for first-date dinner and she had been very clear about having to carry around her EpiPen in case any nuts made their way into her meal. I assured her everything would be fine, but the snickers bar I ate moments before opening the door and kissing her with passion, caused an awful reaction and immediate cancellation on her part. How dare I be “so selfish!?”, she shouted, as she slammed the door and staggered off with swollen lips.
Without giving too much away, in When You Know, we see Marcus Ramsbottom finally go a step too far. Many of your readers would love to see him get his comeuppance. What do you really think about him? Is he just misunderstood?
Marcus is a real knob. But I wanted readers to make their own mind up at the end as to what happened to him. Different readers have different levels of acceptance. For me he was just an idiot, not a dangerous predator.
You recently read at the prestigious Polari Literary Salon in London alongside Sophie Ward, Rebecca Chance, LaJohn Joseph and Philip Hensher. I've seen a video of the event, and the audience loved your reading. Do you ever get nervous speaking at events like these?
You always worry whether the audience will embrace your style of reading/writing, and yes, I do get nervous. But, after a couple of laughs, you tend to ease up and think, OK, they don’t mind hearing about a woman pissing into a packet of quavers whilst stuck in traffic on the M25, and you carry on with more confidence!
Finally, after the worldwide success of When You Know, you deserve a well-earned rest. What your plans are for the summer?
Well, I’m taking a break from writing at the moment to focus on the But She Is My Student screenplay. But I will still be doing lots reading over the summer, so keep an eye on the upcoming section of my website for further details.

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Posted: 9 May 201

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