Lesbian Marriage: Keeping the spark alive!

lesbian marriage bookLesbian Marriage: A Sex Survival Kit is being described as the first relationship guide book “for married and soon-to-be married lesbians”. Authors, Renate Stendhal and Kim Chernin [pictured below] – a couple for the past 28 years – say that they wrote the book as they felt that there was a lack of literature that help lesbian couples to keep sex and romance alive “until death do you part”. The 160-page tome, illustrated with humerous drawings, aims to give couples the “tools they need to build and maintain a passionate, fulfilling marriage.”

lesbian marriage book2It includes advice and tools for the major challenges of lesbian marriage, fun lists of what to do and not to do when faced with these challenges, and realistic and effective guidance to keep sex and romance hot.
The book is now available at Amazon.com in Kindle and paperback versions. You can find out more details, about the books and its authors, at www.lesbiansexsurvival.com

Posted: 11 June 2014


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