Getting To Know Kehlani

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R&B singer/songwriter Kehlani is putting her mark on the world one mixtape at a time.

Born in Oakland, Kehlani draws inspiration from Neo Soul-R&B to create music, which is full of the pain, passion, love and triumphs that her life has consisted of so far.

Kehlani entered America’s Got Talent in a cover band called PopLyfe and was able to befriend American rapper, actor and television host, Nick Cannon who helped to establish her as an artist even after the show ended.

Fast forward three years and Kehlani’s 2014 mixtape, Cloud 19, brought her to the forefront of music critics’ minds, and got her a solid fanbase, lovingly called Tsunamimob.

Stepping up her game, Kehlani has just released her debut album, You Should Be Here, which has been a step up from her previous releases. You Should Be Here shows the 20-year-old singer at her best, and will blow away her skeptics. 

Check out Kehlani's website here.


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