YouTuber, Ingrid Nilsen, Isn’t Going To Apologise For Who She Is

297C2FD900000578-3117459-Honest answer Ingrid explains that she has been gay her entire l-a-1 1433890730113Ingrid Nilsen, a popular vlogger on YouTube, with 3.3 million subscribers, has come out as gay in her latest video.

Normally vlogging about make-up and fashion, Ingrid chose a more personal and somewhat emotional topic to discuss in her video uploaded on Tuesday 11 June.

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After several deep breaths, Ingrid, within the first minute of the video, told the camera that she is gay.

Suddenly appearing teary-eyed she went on to say: “It feels so good to say that” and continued to say that she didn’t bring any tissues in a higher pitched voice.

In the video, Ingrid explains how and when she knew she was gay, something she admits she’s since she was four.

She said that living in an area where “homosexuality was not universally accepted”, made growing up difficult for her, as she felt she had to live a false life in order to get the love and approval she desperately wanted.

Ingrid is not the only YouTuber who has come forward since the start of their channel to say that they are gay.

b9fe270f-98d9-4b1e-a529-c98acac09193At the end of 2014, Connor Franta came out as gay after years of personal uncertainty over his sexuality, evident by his video entitled “I’m Not Gay”, in 2011.

YouTube is home to a number of other vloggers who are openly gay, including Tyler Oakley, Joey Graceffa and Hannah Hart.

Drawing to a close in her video, Ingrid says: “I want to live my life unapologetically because I am proud of who I am and I am not going to apologise for who I am anymore.”

She ends with: “I’m giving myself my best chance, and so should you.” A powerful message, which might just help others on the brink of coming out take the final step to being open and true to themselves.

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