Promoting homosexuality

Stonewall's 'Some People Are Gay. Get Over It!' poster campaign ran for two weeks to coincide with young people across the country returning to school.

The Stonewall campaign has been a positive move in trying to bring up the subject of homosexuality into the public domain and especially combat bullying in schools. Sadly the organisation said: "We have also received many emails from people who simply don't agree with equality and don't believe we should tackle the homophobia that blights many lives including that of thousands of young people, who are bullied in our schools simply because they are gay."


One recent email read:

"I was completely appalled to find one of your posters on many train stations.

This poster is clearly promoting homosexuality. We should be helping to decrease homosexuality not promoting it.

This poster goes against the Christian religion and Islam which are the 2 main religions in the U.K because they disapprove of homosexuality.

I would feel embarrassed if I was guiding tourists around London and they saw that poster. Would you put a poster which says 'Some people are thieves, get over it'?

I suggest that the posters should be removed."

A spokesperson for Stonewall commented: "We have achieved a lot to be proud of in recent years, but the work to educate and create a country where we can all live without fear and achieve our ambitions is far from done."

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