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There’s something quite terrifying about getting older. You hit 29 and suddenly that line between your eyebrows doesn't bounce back as quickly as it used to, shadows appear in places you don’t remember them being before, your pores start getting bigger… then you hit 30 and it just gets worse.

Sh! Campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness

Sh breast cancerSh! London’s iconic destination erotic emporium continues it's campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Experts in female sexuality for over 22 years, Sh! has a long history of supporting the UK’s leading Breast Cancer charity, Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Malta Celebrates Civil Unions

PH.civilunions 7086Malta is welcoming the LGBT market to celebrate civil unions following changes to the law in 2014 and will be hosting its first civil unions and honeymoons fair later this year.


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