L Fest Director Cindy Edwards part of Global Telesummit

Cindy Edwards, L Fest

We all know from L Fest that Cindy Edwards is committed to making a difference for lesbians wherever she can and adding fun to the mix as well. So she is taking part in a really special event that is a one of a kind happening for lesbians, gay women, queer women and women who love women but don’t like labels!

It’s called Live Your Best Lesbian Life and it’s a global tele-summit that you can attend from anywhere in the world with just an Internet connection. It’s free and it’s full of women making a difference and you can be one of the estimated global reach of 116,000+ women joining in.

Mary G. Malia, the Gay Girl Dating Coach is hosting this event and it starts February 4th. There are 16+ speakers for this summit, with a video getting released each day until Feb 16th. Every speaker is a women living her lesbian life out loud by making history, advocating for LGBT rights, making us laugh, helping us heal, encouraging us to embrace our amazing lesbians lives and teaching us how to love ourselves and each other more so that we can have great relationships and great lives.

Cindy says “I am delighted to be part of this event, it is great that L Fest is now getting noticed not only here in the UK but across Europe, USA and beyond. This is a fantastic opportunity to be part of something special with this great line up interviewees”

So join the event now and watch the many interviews including the UK’s Cindy Edwards, L Fest, Denise Warner Gregory, My Lesbian Radio and Robyn Exton, Dattch Mobile app along with many other women from around the globe.

To join click here 
liveyourbestlesbianlife.com to learn more and see the list of speakers who are part of this event. Once you’ve joined the event, you’ll get the emails with all the information for each speaker, how to log in to the event and more.

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0 #1 Michelle Sanders 2014-02-12 15:25
Well done Cindy. Looks like a great event - will definitely tune in.

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