Lesbian Trio Expecting Their First Baby

throuple23n-2-webThree women and a baby. Kitten, Brynn and Doll are expecting their first child in three month's time.

The 'throuple' as they call themselves came together after Brynn and Doll went on a threesomes website and met Kitten. They tied the knot in August of 2013 and had specialist lawyers draw up paperwork so that their assets are divided up equally. They have all taken Brynn's surname of Young as she is the main breadwinner doing a 40 hour week. "The three of us have always wanted kids and wanted to grow our family," Kitten told The Sun.

Massachusetts was the first American state to recognise same-sex marriage back in 2004 but  not polygamy, so it is not officially recognised. That doesn't stop the throuple claiming that their relationship is the real deal and are planning to have more kids in the future.

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